Our Tarantulas.



 Firstly about us. We, five fanatic Russian hobbyist, Eugeny Rogov, Igor Arhangelsky, Kirill Pticin, Dmitry Chernov and I, site administrator Alex Sergeev.
 We are in this incredible hobby for a long time now, for example, Igor keeping tarantulas more than 10 years!
 This time we keeping more than 50 species of tarantula spiders in our collections.
 Here we give You the assistance and share with You our humble experience!
 In this section You find the photos of our tarantulas and some keeping information. All photos made by digital camera NICON COOLPIX 880.
 If You want to use our photos please inform us by the information where, who and when You did it. You can use any of our photo as wallpaper in Your computer monitor. We have every of it with the 1024x768 resolution and will send it to You. You’re welcome!


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